Algorithms create 6 different program settings for your specific requirements Treatments for upper and lower body available.​

1. Cellulite Treatment

By eliminating excess fluid build up and improving lymphatic drainage, the appearance of cellulite is improved

2. Slimming Treatment

Each session burns 400kcal - no need to exercise after your treatments for best results

3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Bodystyler's 24 separate air chambers overlap so that the Lymph fluid can be 100% effectively mobilised and eliminated from the toes to above the abdomen

4. Sports Massage

Eliminate Lactic Acid rapidly for faster recovery time

5. Relaxing massage

Enjoy the gentle massage setting to relax your tired legs

6. ​Liposuction

​​Program to complement fat cavitation and treatment after liposuction​​ for faster healing and smoother skin contours