Refreshing pads with nourishing collagen effect.


Eye-pads from BYONIK® refresh and care for the area under your eyes with pure, freeze-dried collagen. The pads provide intensive moisturising for the sensitive skin of this zone, reduce puffiness and minimise signs of tiredness. BYONIK® PURE COLLAGEN EYE PADS are your best friends after long days and short nights or before important events.


  • Intensive moisturising with pure collagen Instant refreshment and reduced puffiness Hydrating, soothing and smoothing
  • Does not contain preservatives


How to use: After cleansing, evenly moisten the area around the eye with BYONIK® Anti-Aging Complex active ampoules or Toner; lay the pad along the contour of the eye. Leave in place for 15 minutes, then remove the pad and massage any remaining active concentrate into the skin.



For best results, follow with BYONIK® VIEW eye cream.


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Pure Collagen Eye-Pads


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