The ultimate anti-aging mask.


As soon as you start to apply BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY CELLULAR MASK, you will delight in its refreshing fragrance and wonderfully silky texture. The gel mask infuses your skin with abundant moisture, reduces signs of tiredness, and leaves you looking fresh and radiant. Extracts of plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid protect the DNA and have anti- oxidant and detoxifying properties. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimised and the skin is regenerated – for a young and radiant complexion.


  • Extracts of stem-cell walls of nicotiana alata, cultivated raspberries and tomatoes boost cell functionality and offer protection from environmental factors
  • Hyaluronic acid improves moisture levels and contributes to skin regeneration and plumping


How to use: Once or twice a week, apply BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY CELLULAR MASK generously to cleansed skin (face, neck, décolletage) for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with water and cleanser.



Leaving the mask on the skin overnight also promotes the natural night-time regeneration functions, letting the skin recover from the stress of a long day.



High Energy Cellular Power Mask


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