What is this?
When you smile the upper lip is lifted by a combination of muscles, which can lead to an excessive amount of gingival (gum) show in some people.

How does this work?
By using a muscle relaxer we decrease the some of the above muscles contracting strongly. By relaxing these muscles slightly the upper lip relaxes down and therefore less gum will show when smiling. 

Will this treatment work for me?
If you smile and can see there is an excessive amount of gum visible above your top teeth, then this treatment is appropriate for you.  There is no exact amount that defines "excessive", it is based on whether or not your gum showing is of concern to you.

How long does it last?
The average treatment result lasts approximately 3-4 months from the date of treatment. There are, however, no guarantees for the longevity of the product as different people metabolise it at a different rate.  Sometimes the longevity may even vary in the same person during different periods of their life depending on things like life stressors, illness, increased/decreased exercise, medications, climate, etc.

How much product will I need?
This relates to the size of the muscle, if you have previously had a treatment, how quickly you tend to metabolise the product, your age, and if you like a very subtle change or a very smooth appearance. Men will usually require more product than women. Older people will usually require a higher dose than younger people.

What if it doesn’t work?
If your muscle turns out to be stronger than expected, it is very simple to repeat the procedure with a higher dosage of product for increased effect.  Just remember that you can always put more in, but you can’t take it out, so it is better to start with a slightly more conservative treatment and increase the dose at your follow up appointment.

Does it work straight away?
You will find that the muscle usually weakens in approximately 7-10 days but can range between 3-14 days.  After this time the upper lip will stop lifting as much when you smile and the gum above your top teeth will be less visible.

What are the possible side effects specific to this treatment?
Localised Side effects include redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising. 

Because the muscles that elevate the smile are very close to each other, Levator Labii Superioris or LLS, Zygomaticus Minor or ZMi, and Levator Labii Superioris Alequi Nasii or LLSAN, there is a risk of dropping to upper lip excessively, leading to an unnatural smile. This is temporary but can be avoided by using a lower starting dose in high risk people.
Please note that this is not a complete list of general side effects related to wrinkle treatment injections, but those related specific to this area being treated.  For a more complete list of side effects, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What happens if I don’t do it again?
If you have only had the treatment once and don’t want to repeat the wrinkle relaxer injections in the future, the area will return back to how it was before the treatment – generally no better and no worse.