"beauty triggered by your heartbeat"

BYONIK® 5-star Laser Facial

Dr Cosima Medispa' most popular facial treatment, the BYONIK® 5-star facial will leave you looking and feeling red carpet ready from the moment you walk out the door.

As we age, our skin loses the ability to protect itself from environmental stress such as UV radiation, pollution, excessive skin treatments. Once the skin's natural balance is disturbed it can exacerbate redness, pigmentation, premature ageing, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, skin sensitivity, folliculitis, etc. The BYONIK® is the world's first treatment system that repairs and protects skin cells from the inside out by improving the skin's immune system for maximum skin rejuvenation. 

Scientifically proven to lock long-lasting Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants deep into the skin, the treatment also improves the skin's elasticity for a visible lifting effect without the need for injections. Hyaluronic Acid is vital to maintain the skin's hydration and functional barrier, leading to a fresher, brighter and more even complexion. 

Enjoy 60 minutes of pure bliss for your journey to your best you.


Dehydration, Sun-damage, Redness, Rosacea, Fine lines, Cystic acne, Acne Vulgaris (clogged pores), Acne papulosa, Acne papulopustulosa, Large pores, Pigmentation / Melasma, Rough skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Post traumatic/ surgical scarring/ burns


NO PAIN - it works at body temperature

NON-ABLATIVE - your skin won’t become red or peel

NO DOWNTIME - you don’t have to stay out of the sun


A) Laser
At the heart of the treatment is the 2-frequency simultaneous Laser which combines two wavelengths 658nm (red light)  and 806nm (near infrared-light). The red light is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, boosts collagen synthesis and has proven wound-healing properties in the field of nanomedicine. The near infrared-light enhances detoxification of the skin cells and improves the microcirculation and metabolism of the skin. The BYONIK Laser is "Low Level Laser Therapy" meaning that it cannot burn your skin but still has the strength to penetrate throughout all skin layers.

B) Hyaluronic acid
BYONIK HA gel is unique and essential to the BYONIK treatment method for complete skin rejuvenation:
Each Hyaluronic acid molecule in the Gel is grown to the perfect length to penetrate the skin cell barrier.  A special technique coats each molecule with vitamin rich Wakame Algae extracts which  also prevent the HA molecule from rapid breakdown in the skin for a long lasting hydration effect. Powerful anti-oxidants in the BYONIK hyaluronic acid also act to rejuvenate the skin by neutralising free radicals. These antioxidants are "pushed" into each individual skin cell by the energy output from the BYONIK laser light.

C) Pulse trigger
Each person is unique and our skin cells all differ in absorption behaviour. This behaviour is dependent on the vital frequency which is determined by an individuals heartbeat. During the entire treatment we monitor the individuals heart rate and oxygen levels with our Pulse Trigger. The scientifically programmed intelligence of the BYONIK Laser recognises the precise moment that a skin cell will achieve optimal absorption. It then releases maximum energy to "push" antioxidants through the cell wall and into the skin cell.  This rejuvenation effect can be called "true anti ageing".