As we age our bone and fat shrinks, leading to loss of volume and therefore laxity in the skin.  This in turns make the skin appear saggy.  We can treat this by recreating boney structures and replacing fat volume loss with strong, long lasting HA dermal fillers to help replace the 3D volume loss thereby lifting the skin.


The curve and projection of the cheek are extremely important in maintaining a youthful appearance. The mid face area is the supportive structure for the lower face and is therefore one of the most important areas to treat. Cheek augmentation, to elevate and define the cheekbones, is also very popular.


The idea in society that "Lip Filler = Fake” does not need to be true! 
There are endless techniques and many types of HA dermal fillers which can be used for different purposes to reshape, plump, correct, define and rejuvenate lips.


The nose, chin and jawline are typically known to require surgical intervention for reshaping. They can, however, also be treated with long lasting HA dermal fillers.
Even though these treatments cannot replace surgery completely, they may be suitable for your concerns.


The lines that run from your nose down to the corners of your mouth. Some may find they have very deep lines in this area with some heaviness, whilst others may just have very fine creases. Both these concerns can be treated with different types of HA dermal fillers, the former may require some mid face lifting.


Running diagonally from the side of the nose through the centre of the cheek (just under the eye area) these grooves form as a result of a ligament attaching the skin to the bone.  As the tissue surrounding this ligament loses volume, the line becomes more obvious and can give a tired and drawn appearance.


These lines run from the corners of your mouth down to your jawline.  They often start with a little shadowing or downturning at the corners of the mouth. The best way to deal with marionette lines is to prevent them, which requires early detection of skin weakening and laxity in the area, then supportive treatment.


Otherwise known as "smile lines", these lines can literally be created by the repetitive movement of smiling. The number and depth of accordion lines varies according to skin type and facial structure.  Depending on the cause, a variety of softer HA dermal fillers can be used to soften or correct these lines.


One of the most disliked effects of ageing... The area on the jawline that reminds you slightly of a bulldog. Jowls can either be disguised by using HA dermal fillers to strengthen the jawline, or they can be "lifted" by adding volume to the cheek area.
Frequently both treatments are performed for optimal results.


An area that is often overlooked but is vital to a youthful appearance.  Temporal hollowing occurs at different rates in different people as they age - the more hollow the area, the more "skeletal" (and older) the face looks.  We replace this lost volume with HA dermal fillers to recreate a softer, youthful appearance.


Skinboosters are a fantastic way to "moisturise" under your skin. Skinboosters  are usually injected under areas of loose or dehydrated skin to stimulate collagen synthesis and therefore tighten and smooth the skin. They can also be used correct fine lines and pitted acne scarring.


Bags under the eyes are usually due to "puffiness" from lack of lymphatic drainage or due to fatty tissue from around the eyes starting to bulge underneath the eye socket.
These can be disguised by blending the area between the eye bag and the cheek with HA dermal filler to appear much smoother.


There are various reason why people can have dark circles under their eyes.  Some of these include ageing, genetics, lack of sleep, thin skin and prominent blood vessels.  They cannot be completely removed with dermal filler, however they can be significantly reduced  to create a much fresher appearance.